MemorialCare Participating Products

MemorialCare engages in a number of Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) products. This site highlights our ACOs with PPO networks. Patients in our different ACOs have access to healthcare from top doctors and hospitals throughout both Los Angeles and Orange counties, near to where they live and work. While the main goal of all our ACOs is to provide quality medical care, patients can also expect greater coordination of care, a better patient experience, and lower costs.

MemorialCare Health Alliance (Boeing)

MemorialCare Health Alliance (MCHA) is MemorialCare's first direct-to-employer health plan. By bringing together leading healthcare providers from the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, we’re able to offer Boeing employees, retirees and their families an innovative, best value health plan under the Boeing Preferred Partnership option. Boeing employees who select MCHA have access to a broad network of physicians and care teams and receive personal support, coordinated care and an enhanced level of service—all at a more affordable cost.

MCHA participants include: MemorialCare, Greater Newport Physicians, Edinger Medical Group, Torrance Memorial, PIH Health, and Monarch HealthCare 

This is a PPO plan with two models. The designated model is a health plan where the employee chooses this narrowed network benefit package. The second model is an attributed model. These members have not chosen MCHA but are attributed to MemorialCare through past claims utilization of our providers. Both the designated and attributed members do not know they are in an ACO. 

Aetna Whole Health ACO

Aetna developed the Aetna Whole Health (AWH) ACO product with a goal of keeping its member populations healthy and/or improving their health. Through our partnership with Aetna, MemorialCare is the exclusive AWH network in Orange County. Currently, more than 60 employers now offer the AWH-MemorialCare product to their employees as their personal healthcare benefit. Like our other ACOs, this plan offers comprehensive healthcare, a broad network of primary care doctors, specialists and hospitals, a better patient experience, and lower costs.

There are two Aetna ACO models, a product model and an attributed model. Both models are PPOs and both SHARE THE SAME provider network. 

The product model is called “Aetna Whole Health” and is offered to employees through their employer. The employee selects this narrowed network benefit package. The attributed model is called “Aetna ACO.” These members do not know they are in an ACO, but instead, are attributed to MemorialCare through past claims utilization of our providers.

The Partnership Plan Administered by Centivo

MemorialCare has partnered with Centivo, a growing and innovative health plan to offer a direct-to-employer (DTE) solution for clients of all sizes.

Centivo’s plan design emphasizes the role of the primary care physician as the quarterback of care, with no co-pay for PCP visits, no deductible, patient friendly technology to ensure care coordination, and significant cost savings for the client.

Through this collaboration, we have secured DTE contracts with several employers including F&M bank, Activision Blizzard, United Airlines and many others.

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